25 June 2022



Based on the principles of the late Jo Cox MP, that we have more in common than that which divides us, the Great Get Together aims to bring together communities from across the Upper Calder Valley to enjoy a relaxed day in Calder Holmes Park, Hebden Bridge.


We aim for everything to be free so that people are not excluded because they cannot afford it. There are games and activities for children and teenagers, music from our local DJs, free refreshments.


This year in 2022 we will be running the very popular Bake Off, where local people bake cakes  and are judged by our own local celebrities (from our local shops and organisations) and prizes awarded. The cake will then be cut up and eaten by the audience! 

We deliver this event in partnership with our local community and Park Life Cafe.

The date for the Great Get Together is always in June, around midsummers day.


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