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Board Membership

Reach for Social Justice [Reach4ward ] is our registered name at companies house and was founded and is governed and managed by four directors: Kate Anstee, Liz Anstee, Jess Hudson and Angela Binns

The Young Peoples Board steers the direction and offers scrutiny and oversight to CLOUD, our young peoples project. The Young Peoples Board meets every three months. 


In addition, we have a core group of young people who are also steering the direction of provision for young people who report into the Young Peoples Board. Young people are invited to join our core group.


Young Peoples Board Members: 

Niamh Cullen [Chair]

Liz Anstee

Jess Hudson

Michelle Jones

Sammy Holland

Jamie Dodds


Our work is sustained by our volunteers and we welcome enquiries to volunteer with us. 

We also welcome enquiries about any aspect of our work.  Liz, Kate, Jess or Angela can be reached by email- -or

Board vacancies: 

We are looking for new members to join our board.

If you have Youth Work experience then please contact to apply. 


Volunteer vacancies: 

Volunteer youth worker 6 hours per week.

Company No.1132284

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