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Girls Allowed


Calder Holmes Park Friday from 28 April 2023. Girls only.

From: 5.30 pm

Ages: 11+

When women and girls feel unsafe, they are less likely to use, enjoy and benefit from parks, particularly when alone and after dark. Parks and play spaces should be designed and managed to be well-used, sociable places that offer activities and facilities that are welcoming to women and girls. Changes should support women and girls to feel safe throughout the day and all-year round. Changes to parks must be part of a holistic approach that tackles threats of violence against women and girls, to address root causes of women and girls’ unsafety.


Our sessions with girls will explore why they feel unsafe in our park and in public places and will support them to develop strategies and behaviours that will help keep them safe. We will be working with our partners, Skate it Yourself, Branching Out and The Maggie Oliver Foundation to cover sexual harassment, risk assessment, the role of drugs and alcohol, sexual health, and child sexual exploitation. We will be providing a full programme of activities to support our aims.


We will also be working with boys separately who wish to support girl’s safety.


We will be in Calder Holmes Park from 5-30pm each week and you can just turn up and sign up then or you can call Liz Anstee on 0771 333 8698 [ project coordinator] to find out more info. Watch this space for more information about our project. Some sessions will have age restrictions. 


Download the full programme of activities below: 

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